Thankful I am

Thanksgiving, that time of year when we traditionally pause, take stock and hopefully re energize ourselves with the good feelings that come from that exercise.  It is a reminder that we are more than a quarter in and it is natural to look around to see how we are doing.  Where are we in the curriculum? Have we come together as a community?  How is our reading and writing going?

November, when we realize that much of teaching is out of our control. How do we talk to our students about unrest in the world?  How do we answer the questions they ask about why people can’t get along?   How can we explain an election we don’t even understand?  How do we get students to read more and do homework with schedules jam packed with outside activities?

It is so easy to get stuck in the quicksand unleashed by mountains of papers to correct, endless meetings, emails and paperwork.  Talk in the teacher’s room smacks of overwhelmed colleagues, tired and frustrated.

Thanksgiving you came at just the right time.  Reconnecting with family, a few days off to rest and even a day dedicated to catching up on some schoolwork has given me the opportunity to refuel and regain perspective…