We are exploring the ways in which poets use language to set the mood, theme or meaning  of their poems.  We've observed that language can have rhythm just like music.  Enjoy our videos where we try to identify the beat - even with our feet!

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Calculator by Rebecca Kai Dotlitch - Performed by Yalenny A Popcorn Song by Nancy Byrd Turner - Performed by Nick, Tommy and Brendan The Spoon by Elizabeth Fleming- Performed by Mikayla, Tiffany, Marley and Cynthia People by Charlotte Zolotow- Performed by Vicky
__ by Jane Yolen- Performed by Reid, Daniel, Tristan and Jake Thanksgiving by Lydia Marie Childs - Performed by Leticia, Kathleen and Isobel Cockles and Mussels by Anonymous- Performed by Helen Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Charles R. Smith, Jr. - Performed by Jack, Nick, Charlie and Trey
- Performed by Sabrina We've Got Rhythm, Watch us Dance -  Boogien' with Jack