After reading Kate Klise's hysterical book, Regarding the Fountain, over the summer, we imagined returning to school in late August and finding the drinking fountain in the west wing hallway broken.  Chosen to create a new design to replace the old boring stainless steel  fountain with something new, creative and exciting, this is what we came up with!                                 

      Click on the thumbnails below to see larger pictures of our models!



Triple Decker

by Jack

Bubble Gum Fountain

by Marley

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Happy Fountain

by Leticia

Spiral Thirst Quencher

 by Mikayla

Cupcake Geyser

by Isobel

Duncan Fountain

by Nick P.


Watermelon Fountain

by Sabrina

Hot Chocolate Fountain

by Cynthia

Cargo X

by Jake


Old America

by Thomas

Drink Smarty

by Charlie

Many Wishes

by Daniel


by Trey

Bottle Fountain

by Yalenny




by Brendan


by Nick H.

Ocean Life

by Vicky


Circus 'O Lemonade

by  Helen

Angel Fountain

by Kathleen

Skull Fountain

by Tristan

Rainstorm Fountain

by Reid

Lemonade Fountain

by Tiffany